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of household 1.4%. there is a huge gap. and the companies are doing well the economy is picking up the middle class is still stuck. why is the economy stock? >> you spoke to a wide variety of spectrum from the the very rich to those in the middle class and the working class. they all share this concern which is surprising to me that i would think that the upper class feels insulated? certainly, they feel as though the enormous amounts of money they are making city group compared the inequality of wealth in america to it 16th century spain. this is the bank, itself. and yes, i was surprised myself. and i am talking about the jewish community center on monday night, uc-berkeley on tuesday. i've spoken to labor groups, and some extremely wealthy people in florida, north in virginia. almost everywhere were all i find is that it is deeply trouble is that there's something really wrong in this country. yes, there is an exception and acceptance of inequality of income but now, it is 400 times the top one person is getting thicker% of the capital gains from the capital market. that is they're getting
's market update. just one week after the market hit an all-time high. stocks fell amid new signs economy. poor earnings news from bank of america. and an apparent drop in demand for apple i- pods and i-phones. also contributed to the drop. here are the closingthe dow lost 138- points nasdaq fell 60- points. the s-and-p 500. fell 22- points. >> jacqueline: it certainly was nice out today with two- five degrees warmer and here is a look at our high temperatures. the 60s, the 70's, nearly everywhere. half moon bay, was 57 degrees. 60s and santa rosa. 71 in richmond. '70s in oakland really a nice afternoon. it remains a fairly nice evening. still, 58 in richmond. sunnyvale, and pleasanton is going to be a mild night tonight. the wind has died down and it will stay warm overnight. with 40's tomorrow. mild temperatures and the calm winds even if warmer with two-five degrees of warming up expected. that will continue for the weekend. i will tell you more about that and a look a your extended forecast, coming up. for the first time in more >> pam: than 40 years. san francisco's exploratorium ha
numbers are up. the demand for houses are high. this is helping people in our economy move forward. >> would check back with a rob at 9 sifting for the winners and losers. >> here's a quick check at weather. >> we are starting out with a live look from our roof cam. it is a clear start for most of us and we have however scene coastal fog in half moon bay. the win in the forecast is along the delta. we do have a wind advisories for fairfield. we're focusing our attention on changes that are coming our way. today will be a warm one. you can expect the temperatures to be gradually cooler. >> it is 68 degrees right now in napa. it is low 50's for san mateo. future cast 4 high light 70's and 80 by noontime. by 8:00 p.m. tonight all of the green on the screen will indicate the temperatures in the '60s. 80 degrees is expected for campbell admit 80s for concord. upper 70's for richmond and upper 70's for the entire east bay. napa will get to a high of 85 degrees. it will be cooler for ocean beach in 72 by the bay. satellite and radar shows dry conditions. you can also see the fall, making
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3